How We Work

How will we work towards gender equality?

By developing and disseminating data, analysis, and tools.

  • Maintaining and improving the SDG Gender Index to robustly track progress on gender equality across the SDGs.
  • Developing innovative data analysis approaches and tools on key thematic issues within the Index.
  • Increasing uptake of the SDG Gender Index and our other data and tools among advocates and champions from various sectors.
  • Connecting advocates with gender data from other data producers

By developing capacity in data-driven advocacy

  • Supporting gender equality advocates’ data literacy, capacity and learning and building a community of data-driven advocacy experts.
  • Providing technical advice to partners to create their own tools that track and visualize local and national gender data

By conducting advocacy in partnership

  • Building long-term partnerships with, and contribute funding to, feminist organizations and movements to support their data-driven advocacy for gender equality at local and national levels.
  • Leveraging regional and global advocacy, communications and event platforms to amplify and support the advocacy efforts of our national partners.
  • Using the collective voice of our partnership to galvanize support for gender equality by government decision makers and other champions.