Who We Are

Equal Measures 2030 is a coalition of national, regional, and global leaders from feminist networks, civil society, international development, and the private sector.

Our Mission

We connect data and evidence with advocacy and action on gender equality, to transform the lives of women and girls and realize the SDGs.

3 words that define us:

#Global Goals

Our Ambition

Within five years, Equal Measures 2030 will be a leader in promoting the use of data by advocates to monitor progress and hold governments accountable for gender equality commitments across the SDGs

EM2030's Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Equal Measures 2030’s SDG Gender Index shows that not a single country has yet achieved gender equality. This Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is founded on the belief that data can expose gender inequality and injustice, motivate change, and drive accountability. From 2020 to 2025, working with women and girls and across feminist organizations and movements, Equal Measures 2030 will catalyse change through data-driven advocacy aimed at holding governments and policymakers accountable. Rapid change on gender equality is possible. This is our plan.

The Equal Measures 2030 SDG Gender Index

Equal Measures 2030's flagship data product, the SDG Gender Index, is the most comprehensive tool available to measure gender equality across the SDGs. It serves global, regional and national advocacy and accountability efforts. 

The 2019 Index Index measures progress in 51 gender issues across various SDGs in 129 countries representing 95% of girls and women in the world. Our 2020 Bending the Curve report examined past trends on five of those issues. The next Index is due out in early 2022. 

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