Our Approach 

The EM2030 coalition connects data and evidence with advocacy and action on gender equality, to transform the lives of women and girls and realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). EM2030 coalition members transform lives through data-driven advocacy: this is ‘factivism’: using credible and timely data to expose gender inequality and injustice, motivate change, and drive accountability. 

Learn more about our three areas of work:

Sharing Data

We ensure that advocates have increased access to data, analysis and tools (like the SDG Gender Index) to track progress on a wide range of gender equality issues. 

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Sharing Learning 

We share learning about data-driven advocacy (DDA) and help advocates strengthen their data skills. 

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Collective Voice  

We use our collective voice to influence and hold decision-makers accountable for achieving gender equality.

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How do we work towards gender equality? 

1.By developing and disseminating data, analysis, and tools.

  • Maintaining and improving the SDG Gender Index to robustly track progress on gender equality across the SDGs. 
  • Developing innovative data analysis approaches and tools on key thematic issues within the Index. 
  • Increasing uptake of the SDG Gender Index and our other data and tools among advocates and champions from various sectors. 
  • Connecting advocates with gender data from other data producers 

2. By sharing learning about data-driven advocacy

  • Supporting gender equality advocates’ data literacy, capacity and learning and building a community of data-driven advocacy experts. 
  • Providing technical advice to partners to create their own tools that track and visualize local and national gender data.

3. By using our collective voice and advocating in partnership

  • Building long-term partnerships with, and contribute funding to, feminist organizations and movements to support their data-driven advocacy for gender equality at local and national levels. 
  • Leveraging regional and global advocacy, communications and event platforms to amplify and support the advocacy efforts of our national partners. 
  • Using the collective voice of our partnership to galvanize support for gender equality by government decision makers and other champions. 

Trust-Based Grantmaking 

EM2030 recognises that sustained data-driven advocacy work requires resources. We also recognize that feminist organisations and movements face major funding constraints.

For this reason, granting to women-led organisations in our focus countries and regions has been a core part of our approach since our founding. Between 2017 and 2022, we granted nearly $3M to our partners to support their data-driven advocacy efforts.

Our coalition is evolving and so are our grantmaking approaches and practices. We are in the process of designing grantmaking approaches that are more participatory, simpler, and more trust-based. We aim to center diverse voices, promote equitable access and participation, and distribute more resources to the people who are most impacted by gender oppression.

Our Strategic Plan 

Our Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is founded on the belief that data can expose gender inequality and injustice, motivate change, and drive accountability.
From 2020 to 2025, working with women and girls and across feminist organizations and movements, Equal Measures 2030 will catalyse change through data-driven advocacy aimed at holding governments and policymakers accountable.

Rapid change on gender equality is possible.

This is our plan.