Country : Colombia

Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres is a pacifist, feminist organization working with over 300 women’s organizations to promote a feminist vision of peace and non-violent civil resistance for gender equality.

Ruta’s journey to becoming DDA champions  

Ruta had historically relied on qualitative evidence to tell the stories of the impact of conflict on women and girls in Colombia. In partnership with EM2030 since 2017, Ruta has worked to expand their use of quantitative data as a complement to qualitative. Ruta now integrates data and evidence (including the EM2030 Index) into every aspect of their advocacy work, from local budgeting processes to national policymaking. 

Today, Ruta is a leading voice in Colombia on the close links between the Colombian Peace Agreement and the SDGs and pursues advocacy on these commitments in tandem. 

Ruta’s Regional Coordinator in Quindío region said, “Thanks to the Equal Measures 2030 project we reinforced our skills around data-driven advocacy. It helped us to understand the importance of data and evidence to ask for accountability for women’s rights, to go beyond reading data only as numbers but as a political tool.” 

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Ruta Pacífica de las Mujeres’s Impact

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Achieving gender equality through
data-driven advocacy.

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