Sharing Learning

We empower gender advocates to strengthen their data skills. Our collective efforts are centered around enhancing gender data proficiency and promoting data-driven advocacy (DDA).  

How We Work

  • Enhancing data skills and building a data-driven advocacy community among gender equality advocates.
  • Offering and providing technical guidance for the coalition to create tools for tracking and visualizing local and national gender data.

What is DDA and how does it help achieve gender equality? 

DDA is an approach that employs data to drive advocacy, fostering accountability among governments and individuals. Data empowers advocates to craft compelling narratives that drive real-world change.  

  • Réseau Siggil Jigeen (RSJ) employed a data-driven advocacy approach with local authorities and private sector companies, resulting in increased funding for reproductive health across three regions in Senegal.
  • Following the COVID-19 outbreak in Colombia, Asociación Artística Mujeres Espejo utilized data to highlight spikes in domestic violence due to lockdowns and limited availability of services and safe houses. Proactive measures were taken to provide health services to women in their homes and offer support to victims of domestic violence.

EM2030’s DDA Curriculum 

  • The curriculum is tailored for advocates with limited or no prior data training. It equips advocates with knowledge about gender data and data-driven advocacy. It covers foundational data understanding, data access and analysis, and concludes with a focus on effective data-driven communication and influencing skills.
  • Over 1700 advocates have been trained using the curriculum and is suitable for in-person, online, or blended settings, it is available in English, French, and Spanish for a global impact.
  • Over 75 grassroots women in Kenya have been trained in DDA, enabling them to collect their own data. These advocates find citizen-generated data more empowering than government statistics. – Dennis GROOTS Kenya
  • 90% of advocates trained globally consistently incorporate more data into their advocacy efforts.

Sharing Learning about DDA 

  • ARROW has contextualized and implemented the DDA training with over 300 young advocates across the Asia pacific region.
  • Together with the She Leads consortium, our DDA curriculum has been modified to craft the 'Our Data, Our Voice' facilitator guide for young advocates.
  • We have trained a worldwide cohort of young advocates participating in YOUNGA.

Data Fellows Programme 

In a joint initiative with Salesforce, we provide fully funded fellowships to journalists, building their data visualization skills with Tableau software. In the inaugural cohort, all 16 data fellows successfully completed fellowships and presented articles on topics of interest.