Who runs Equal Measures 2030?

The day-to-day work of the partnership is managed by a Secretariat. A partnership council made up of representatives from each partner organization serves as an advisory board – setting the high-level strategic direction of the initiative and providing a forum for discussion and decision making among partners.

Who is your audience?

In our focus countries, Equal Measures 2030 interacts with girls’ and women’s movements, advocates and decision makers.

At the global and regional level, we target our advocacy and data products at decision makers and stakeholders (including the private sector, multilateral organizations, United Nations organizations, regional bodies, and civil society) to keep gender equality, gender-related data, monitoring and accountability on the global 2030 agenda.

We also engage other stakeholders, including but not limited to donors, media, the data community and academia, to generate support, political will and resources.

What does the name Equal Measures 2030 mean?

To do something ‘in equal measure’ means to treat different things in the same way. Equal Measures 2030 refers to our work in helping to achieve gender equality within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, which have the deadline of 2030.